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Advertiser: I Hashim & Associates
Date: 10 Feb 2021
Location: Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Job Title : Senior Legal Assistant (for running down cases)

Job Description : 1) to prepares cases for trial
2) to conduct cases in Magistrate/Sessions courts
3) to prepare and conduct cases on appeal

Job Requirement : 1) at least 7 years relevant experience
2) able to work in a team/dedicated/hard-working
3) based in Kota Bharu, Kelantan
4) terms : subject to negotiations

How to Apply : 1) send an application by email to; and
2) call our office for an interview

Firm’s Address : A55 Tmn Bandar Baru Mergong, 05150 Alor Setar, Kedah.
Firm’s Phone Number : 47305718
 Advertiser: Penang Bar Committee 
Date: 8 Dec 2020
Job Title : Executive Director of the Penang Bar Committee

Job Description: 
Responsibilities include:
• Day-to-day administration of the Penang Bar Secretariat including staff management.
• Handling the day-to-day tasks of the PBC.
• Co-ordinating and executing policies and decisions of the PBC.
• Overseeing the finances of the PBC.
• Co-ordinating, managing and implementing projects and activities of the PBC.
• Managing and overseeing projects and activities of all subcommittees.
• Drafting, reviewing and editing all outgoing correspondence, e-mail and other written material.
• Drafting, reviewing and editing all announcements and materials to be posted on the website of the PBC.
• Attending to the maintenance, upkeep and updating of the Penang Bar website.
• Attending to issuance of Circulars and updating membership/subscriber data via mailing software.
• Attending to meetings of the PBC and AGMs of the Penang Bar including taking of minutes and preparing all necessary documents.
• Preparing the Annual Report of the PBC.
• Assisting in the preparation of an annual budget for the operations of the Penang Bar Secretariat and activities of the PBC and the subcommittees.
• Providing overall support and performing any duties assigned by the Chairman, Secretary and Committee Members of the PBC.
• Liaising with Courts and other Federal and State agencies.
• Liaising with the Bar Council and other State Bar Committees.

Job Requirement :
• An Undergraduate degree in Law or any other relevant discipline.

• Minimum 5 years’ experience in a management role.
• Must have an excellent command of written and spoken English and Bahasa Malaysia.
• Must possess a high level of computer and IT literacy, including proficiency in using Microsoft Office Suite.
• Must have excellent analytical, organisational, time management and problem-solving skills.
• Must be able to produce detailed and accurate work under tight deadlines.
• Meticulous, precise and thorough, with a keen eye for consistency and detail.
• Must be energetic, systematic and self-motivated.
• Must have strong interpersonal and communication skills.
• Must be able to provide guidance and leadership to others.
• Must have basic accounting knowledge.

How to Apply : 
The successful candidate can expect a competitive remuneration package based on his/her qualifications and level of experience.

Candidates should specify their current and expected salary, and send their cover letter, detailed résumé and a recent photograph (non-returnable) on or before 30 Dec 2020, to:

Penang Bar Committee
No 4 Green Hall (1st Floor)
10200 Penang
(Subject – Application for post of Executive Director)

Firm’s Name : Penang Bar Committee
Firm’s Address : No 4 Green Hall (1st Floor), 10200 Penang
Firm’s Phone Number : 04-261 5669 

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