Office Bearers of Penang Bar Committee 2004-2005


Mr. V. Sithambaram
(also Welfare, Social & Administration)

Committee Members:

Mr. D. P. Rajah
(IT Facilities, Cyberlaws & Library)

Ms. Lalitha Menon
(Court Liaison & Family Law)

Mr. Eugene Cheong
(Young Lawyers & Pupils’ Affairs and Social)

En. Rosli bin Ismail
(Syariah & Suara Peguam)

En. Ahmad Munawir bin Abd Aziz
(Legal Aid Centre & Human Rights)

Mr. Ramsun Ho Chii Huey
(Treasurer & CLE)

Co-opted Committee Members:

Mr. E. Gnasegaran
(Sports & Criminal Law)

Ms. Ong Swee Lee
(Conveyancing & Administration)

Bar Council Representative:

Ms. Petra B. A. Oon
(Family Law & ADR)


Ms. Taryna Lim Luen Im