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Welfare 2/14 - CHANGE OF DATE: Reference Proceedings in respect and memory of departed members of the Penang Bar

CHANGE OF DATE: Reference Proceedings in respect and memory of departed members of the Penang Bar:

  • Mr. Allen J. Mutthiah
  • Mr. Peter Oon Peh Tchin
  • Mr. Venugopalan K. Vasudevan Nair
  • Mr. NT Vello
  • Datin Foong Heng Khaye

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Court Liaison 18/14 - Watching Brief in Coroner's Court Proceedings

Download ( PDF | 26.06 kb)

BC Circular 226/2014 - Regional Training Series: Seminar on an Introduction to GST (7 Nov 2014)

Download ( PDF | 156.18 kb)

BC Circular 227/2014 - Regional Training Series: An Introduction to the Competition Act 2010 and Malaysia Competition Commission (7 Nov 2014)

30 Oct 2014
Kindly be informed that this event has been cancelled due to poor response. Refunds will be issued to those who have registered and paid. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Islamic Finance 3/14 - Seminar on Legal Documentation for Islamic Finance (24 Nov 2014)

Download ( PDF | 197.68 kb)

Court Liaison 17/14 - Introduction of eCourt Finance at the Penang High Court and Georgetown Subordinate Courts

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eCourt Finance flowchart and information ( PDF | 1.56 mb)

Court Liaison 16E/14 - Briefing on Implementation of eCourt Finance

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Syariah 6/14 - Kutipan Dana - Perluasan Tempat Solat dan Kemudahan Lain di Masjid Jamek Seberang Jaya

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LAC 19/14 - The James Logan Memorial Lecture 2014 (19 Oct 2014)

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Circular 13E/14 - Walk for Peace and Freedom 2014 (16 Oct 2014)

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There are total 803 posts.

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